Cush It All Species Medium Rod Butt Cushion Luna Sea

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Medium Cush-It Rod Holder/Cushion

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What our buyers think of the Cush-it Cushion

*I don't go fishing with out them!!
*great product with excellent service ( have ordered 2 more)


With the Cush-it you will never lose a rod overboard again, the Cush-it will keep your rod afloat.




6" - 152mm (Length)
3" - 77mm (Width)
1.5" - 38mm (Inner Cavity)

Do you use a Rod and Reel to catch fish?
Then a Cush-it is going to change the way you fish.
Whether it’s Barra fishing, GT casting, deep jigging, surf fishing, bluewater trolling, kayak
fishing or anything in between, a Cush-it is going to make your fishing experience easier.

• Have you ever felt the uncomfortable pressure of a rod butt digging into you when fighting a fish from the beach, rocks or on a boat?
• Have you been frustrated that your gimble belt or fighting harness is uncomfortable, that your rod slips out all the time, or that it just doesn’t seem to work?
• Have you ever dropped a rod overboard, or had someone else do this for you?
• Do you fish from a kayak and can’t use a gimble belt to fight large fish?
• Have you ever watched on as family, friends, or your kids struggle and grimace while fighting a fish with the rod butt jammed between their legs?
• Have you ever had bruises under your arm and on your sides from a rod butt while deep jigging or popper fishing?
If you have answered yes to any of the above, then a Cush-it is going to revolutionise the way you fish.
So what does a Cush-it do?
• Makes fighting fish of any size on any tackle a comfortable experience
• Easily attaches to ALL rods in seconds, and you can fish with it on the rod, or attach it quickly while playing a fish.
• Floats most rod/reel combos if you drop them overboard
• Makes fishing for kids much more comfortable. It’s easier for the kids to fight the fish, and easier for you to relax if they drop the rod overboard!
• It is super tough and strong, and won’t tear or breakdown in the sun. A Cush-it will probably outlast your rods and reels.
The Cush-its have been thoroughly field tested in one of Australia’s toughest fishing environments over a 6 month period, and have proven ideal for a variety of fishing scenarios. 

*No more clumsy gimble belts, slack line on hook-ups or rods
slipping out of gimble belts while fishing. 
*Leave the medium size Cush-it on the rod while casting, and the large
cush-it attaches in seconds to a troll rod when taken out of the
rod holder. 
*Using Cush-its is one of the best changes you will
ever make.”

*The Luna Sea “Cush-it” is an ultra-light, ultra-durable, ultraversatile fish fighting aid that totally eliminates all pain caused by the butt of the rod.

*The “Cush-it” acts as a gimbal when sitting down giving the angler greater leverage against larger fish. 
*It also grips on any rod handle making it easy to pass the rod form one angler to


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